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As Share Fauxhair at Big-E's Coffee Shop in Sarasota.

Writing about my writing feels redundant since all of my work is autobiographical to some degree: I prefer to refer you directly to my books! (yes. there is a buy now option.)

The urge to use written word for creative expression arrived at age seven and manifested in all manner thereafter. While I developed as a writer, I also accepted that circumstances of my life were unusual and gradually realized the combination of internal and external variables that create a truth that seems paranormal to others. It is not necessary for me to fabricate material, but to replicate the conditions or describe the atmosphere of my real world.

As a poet, I launched into performance soon after moving to Florida in 2001. A collection of 123 spiritual and philosophic poems has been available since July 2009. Several more collections are compiled and on the list to be printed in the future. Although most of the poetry is not technically autobiography, the work expresses my observations and perceptions.

Too odd for many to read, I self-published a memoir about renting a room to a vagabond named Sorrow while I was enrolled in college and living in a slum. The Story of Sorrow should be out of print due to complications with the supplier and unedited text. Copies offered new online do not provide any compensation to the author and are copyright infringement. If readers are interested in the lengthy work of creative non-fiction, please contact me directly.

Newly in print, Creature Conversations is a collection of loose prose that concentrates on interactions with fauna while also depicting my role as a peacemaker among affluent humans.

Sample poetry and stories can be found on this site.

Words in action:

Here is a sneak peak at the cover of my upcoming publication—Creature Conversations.

Creature Conversations by Sharon Fitzpatrick

For a sample story from the book click here.