Deeply Rooted

Consultation: $65 for plant and pest identification and design discussion Design: $45/hr for selection and drawing services Installation: based on scheduling with flat rate based on material total or hourly at $35/hr. Maintenance: subject to availability, $25-$35/hr. depending on extent of duties Specializing in native plants, edible plants, and alternative for lawns.

Truth is the common denominator of several genres--short story, memoir, poetry. Several themes dominate the writing, including how thought and feeling translate into reality, being palpable and discernible among humans and between creatures. Coincidence and extra sensory perception are mechanisms in my life and perspective.
Siesta Key Sculptures

Hand-collected (never live harvest) and vintage shell fashioned into household items such as boxes for keepsakes and art. Angel sculptures can be adapted for tree toppers. Mermaid sculptures available in 2 design--upright and reclined. Custom art based on scheduling.

Private and public rendering of interactive poetry, true stories and readings. Interactive poetry allows audience to choose from a large poem menu by calling out titles and prompting those pieces to be shared. Performance persona, Share Fauxhair, involves adding fancy gloves and clip-on tresses.